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What's the difference between Pilates and GYROTONIC® exercise?
Can I do GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® exercise if I'm injured?
Do I have to get into shape to do GYROTONIC® exercise?

Absolutely not. Any level of fitness is the perfect place to start your GYROTONIC® program. GYROTONIC® exercise will get you into shape – most likely the best shape of your life if you do it regularly.  We love working with beginners so they can learn the right way for the most effective and efficient workouts.

  • GYROTONIC® exercise works on “releasing” and exploring the limits within a controlled range of motion. Pilates helps you become more controlled and aligned.

  • GYROTONIC® exercise is more circular or 3 dimensional. Pilates is more linear or 2 dimensional.

  • GYROTONIC® exercise requires more control through a larger range of motion. Pilates requires more focused control.

  • Dancers, athletes, weekend warriors and everyone else can benefit from GYROTONIC® exercies for broad movements and rotation over a larger range of motion.

Yes. GYROTONIC® exercise is inherently rehabilitative. It is being used more and more frequently by the medical community and in physical therapy clinics for its ability to strengthen and stabilize the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the body without any stress on the joints. 

Can I do GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® exercise when I'm pregnant?

Yes! GYROTONIC® exercise is one the best things you can do to prepare your body for the process of birth. It trains the muscles that your body will need to recruit in your delivery and help you recover to your pre-pregnancy body much more quickly. Keeping the core muscles strong and long will also help prevent tearing of the abdominal wall.

How many times a week do i need to do GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® exercise to see results?

Every body is different and responds differently to exercise programs. As it is with anything, how quickly you see results will be up to you… two to three times per week is recommended.

What's the story with the GYROTONIC® equipment?

Most people think they look like medieval torture devices, but they are actually a lot of fun to use, and very effective. Invented by Juliu Horvath, these hand-crafted pieces of equipment are constructed with cable and weight resistance (not springs) and handles that move in a smooth circular motion, which builds long and lean musculature and allows for synergistic muscle engagement. The equipment tones and strengthens the whole body while focusing on proper alignment, increasing range of motion, flexibility, improving circulation and stimulating the nervous system.

Should I start with GYROTONIC® or GYROKINESIS® exercise?

GYROTONIC® exercise uses specialized equipment to build strength, flexibility, coordination and increase range of motion. GYROKINESIS® exercise requires you to provide your own resistance solely through the use of your  own body. Initially, GYROTONIC® exercise may provide more immediate bio-feedback, but has a steeper learning curve do to the use of equipment. GYROKINESIS® exercise is the basis for the system and allows one to jump right in, but in the beginning the purpose of the movements may be a bit mysterious. Ideally it’s great to do both GYROTONIC® exercise and GYROKINESIS® exercise right from the beginning.

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