Steve Wirz

“I’ve been a client at Gyrotonic White Plains for several years. I’m a guy that likes to play sports and had no previous experience with a movement system. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve noticed what little flexibility I had when I was younger has diminished. I couldn’t even come close to touching my toes when I bent over! With Gilda’s knowledgeable guidance, I’ve improved my flexibility, range of motion and body awareness. Not only has my hockey game improved due to better coordination, I have also had fewer injuries. I’ve upped my cycling performance too. I even started ballroom dancing! Pretty good for a sports guy. Gilda’s teaching is a combination of technique, motivation and connection. I highly recommend Gyrotonic and couldn’t have asked for a better instructor. “


Susan Wenz

“I really think that you are doing an world of good for Andrew, and it’s one of the reasons that he’s a shining star this year! Also, he mentioned that he’s finally able to comfortably get his leg up on the high barre consistently in class. The barre at SAB is probably higher than we are even used to. So his flexibility is definitely improving. You’ve made believers out of us for sure.”


Natasha Romanionli

“That is wonderful to hear Sophia is doing well. She loves working with you and finds it to be so relaxing and challenging at the same time. I’m really happy that you are a consistent component in her training.”


Rick Gabrielly

“After training for over 25 years with free weights, I was looking for something new and exciting. When I found Gyrotonic White Plains and met Gilda I found more than I ever expected! Gyrotonic gave me the help I needed for my shoulder joints, as well as flexibility at 50 years old that I never even had at 30! I’m very pleased with Gilda’s personal approach and attention to detail. She is very focused while at the same time we have fun during each session. I highly recommend her to beginners as well as veteran fitness fanatics. Now go get some Gyrotonic.”


Susan Cohen

“White Plains Gyrotonic is an exciting, wonderful way to keep yourself fit. It makes one more agile, flexible and is great for the abs. Gilda is an excellent trainer who makes hard work fun. You’ll love it!”